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Living a Small Life

Dee said, “I want to live a small life.” Coming from someone who’s been around the world living large, it was a surprising statement. I think she meant she was ready for simplicity: no traffic, no unnecessary bills, no drama. I remember saying in response, “Not me. I’m not ready for that.” But walking around the […]

Snap Decisions and Alcohol Abuse and Road Kill, Oh My…

New research from Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) has revealed that alcohol definitively impairs the human ability to override impulse or snap decisions that are natural responses to rapidly evolving situations.In other words, if you’re drunk you will probably be okay stopping the car in the driveway before ramming through the closed garage […]

Alcoholism and Authors

It’s not difficult to list drunken authors. In fact it makes a good party game. There are countless examples of the inextricable link between creative (sometimes brilliant) writing and booze. Jack Kerouac said, “As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind…” These critical, analytical days the quote sounds arrogant and […]