All my Passwords have “Warhol” in them…

warholNow I shall have to kill you. You know too much… but after a week of changing things up “round here” and communicating with technical types, I don’t even remember what password goes to what account. They’re scribbled on scrap paper and linked with arrows like some madwoman’s algebraic formula…

I’m on my way to Flint, Michigan this morning. I feel like that’s enough to say on the subject. Except that I’m going to a High School reunion (It’s like a super-Target reunion: ten years of classes and so huge I may not be able to find ANYONE in the throng).

And I’m seeing my mother after a five year estrangement. She worries I may start drinking again if I go to the festivities, but I figure if I haven’t tied one on at the prospect of playing prodigal daughter (or buying a ticket to Flint), I should be okay boogying with Carman High School’s finest.

The blog is moving to WordPress tomorrow. It will look very much the same (no flashing lights, music or dancing boys) and can be reached on my Facebook page,  @MarilynSpiller on Twitter,  or at if we lose you along the way. Bare with me, It will take me a few days to get the hang of things and we may go dark tomorrow.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol

I am a deeply superficial person.
Andy Warhol

Words to live by.And I’m rethinking the dancing boys… Steve? Jayson? Hi. Innovation Group?

Today I’m not drinking because I have to pack for 60 degree weather! And Fiona has to go to Lauren’s and I must remember passwords and my ID…

How come you’re not drinking?