Reset Relationship With Alcohol – Day 4 Know Your Buttons

reset relationship with alcohol buttons

At the beginning of March, I bought a copy of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. I looked forward to reading it and discussing it with several girlfriends who had also purchased it. But we all know what happens to the best-laid plans right?

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Cue the Quarantine

Then we got the quarantine issue, and I lost some PR projects along with any motivation I had to be a productive member of society. Plus, like so many other moms around the country, I got a bonus job as a kindergarten teacher for two boys!

I stayed away from social media and news conferences and found myself too distracted to even read a page of any book. And so I just kind of embraced the forced bubble I found myself in. I let Untamed sit by my bedside for six weeks before returning to it this weekend. And I totally devoured it.

Reset Relationship With Alcohol

Today I wanted to address something I read in the book over the weekend, which I think is perfect for Day 4 of this alcohol-free challenge. I think it is also helpful if you are looking to reset your relationship with alcohol.

It’s the way Glennon describes different ways we use to cope with stressors, challenges, emotions, and life in general.

Easy buttons are the things that appear in front of us that we want to reach for because they temporarily take us out of our pain and stress. they do not work in the long run, because what they actually do is help us abandon ourselves.

I keep a handwritten poster in my office titled “easy buttons and reset buttons.”

One the left are all the things I do to abandon myself. On the right are my reset buttons, the things I can do to make staying with myself a little more possible.

reset relationship with alcohol buttons
list courtesy of Untamed by Glennon Doyle

In my lifetime I’ve done my fair share of reaching for the easy buttons. I actually preferred it for a long time. And I have definitely pushed some of them during this whole quarantine situation. But I know that when I opt for the Reset buttons – which includes not drinking – I feel better, do better, treat people better, and even look better.

Day 4 – Reset Your Relationship with Alcohol

So Day 4 is pretty easy – it’s to save Glennon’s list and refer to it when you are tempted to push an easy button. Or create a list of your own Reset Buttons that you can start using instead of turning to a quaran-tini.

And, if you do go for an easy button, I’m not here to judge. But if it makes you feeling emptier or sadder or more anxious, just take note and opt for a Reset Button the next time. 🙂

Also, Untamed is a wonderful love story, if you are into that sort of thing. I highly recommend!

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