Find ways to laugh – Day 6 of alcohol free challenge

two boys laughing on the couch

2020 has been a crazy ride so far – and what has largely kept me going is to find ways to laugh.

I’ve been finding ways to laugh through sharing coronavirus memes, parenting during pandemic jokes, and funny texts I’m sharing with friends and family.

I think laughing and finding humor in a lot of situations is an awesome distraction – and something we can apply to pursue an alcohol-free journey if you’re on that path.

Because a) it can distract you from a temporary craving b) laughing releases endorphins that can help us feel happier and less stressed and c) doesn’t it just feel good to laugh?

Several weeks ago I found myself unintentionally watching anything funny.

•Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee interviews
•Old episodes of Inside Amy Schumer
•The movie “Just Friends”
• Episodes of The Office

Find Ways To Laugh – Day 6 of Alcohol-Free Challenge

The boys love watching episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos. We laugh at each other laughing. And it can truly make you forget stressful things temporarily while bonding with friends or family. Last night we watched a few episodes of AFV and my son asked, “why do some people laugh at some things and not others?”

I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know that whatever your brand of humor, there has got to be something online to distract you enough to let out a chuckle or two and perhaps make a different decision about whether you want to drink to numb or distract. What do you think?