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Familiarity breeds, well, familiarity…

     There is something familiar and nostalgic at dark-fall on every island I’ve ever been on in the Bahamas.  Everybody gets busy: walking back and forth; draping themselves languidly over roadside bar-tops; flirting with benign good nature; riding around in golf carts; talking trash.  There’s always the guy whispering into ears and disappearing. There’s at least one jaundiced old […]

Be consistent!

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years

Don’t we look like throw backs from the Beatle-mania days? Just a couple of “birds” on Boris Bikes.           At the end of one of the Pilates tapes I do sporadically, the plucky instructor Mari Winsor says, “Be consistent!”  Every time I hear her say those words I wish she were a REAL person, so I […]

Entire COUNTRIES can be triggers…

Do not go to the internet and Goggle “Drunk Russians” unless you are looking for a bride (or worse…) …when you’re a recovering alcoholic.  England, Ireland, Russia and Puerto Rico spring to mind.  These places have long-held drinking cultures, and if you’re a NON-DRINKER like me, you kind of feel like a social pariah… Ever been to a London […]