Google Doesn’t KNOW Me at All…


Feeling full of yourself this morning? Feeling important and at the top of your game? I was yesterday when I met with the technical guys who are moving my blog and helping me make it more user friendly and attractive. After all, I’ve been writing Waking Up the Ghost for a while now, I have a “click rate” of  20,000 per month or so, and am receiving emails every day from people who encourage me to keep writing.

Steve and I decided to Google my name to see what would come up.  I am now at the stage (apparently) where I want to control and create my image on the internet… Did I say control? Controlling one’s image on the internet is like sweeping dust bunnies in a stiff wind.

We Googled my name and it was off-to-the-races germane (other than the dead 78 year old Marilyn Spiller in Milford CT sullying my first page and my Divorce Decree buried in the final pages – is nothing sacred?). But when we Googled images of Marilyn Spiller, it got FUNNY – and excruciatingly apparent that Google doesn’t know me at all

Above is a cross section of the results.  As you can see there are photos that make sense – I get the connection – but Elton John? Beefy guys performing life saving maneuvers? Sobriety tattoos? Oh and the guy in the second row is Kim’s husband – I swear Kim I don’t have any idea how he got there…

Today I’m not drinking because I’m going to be busy looking up the Google images for EVERYONE I know.

How come you’re not drinking?