Without struggle, there is no progress

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Image courtesy of the Greenville Drive Without struggle, there is no progress.  Today, I answer a friend’s question about struggling to get out there and socialize without the aid of alcohol. Question: “….my past two sober weekends my boyfriend and I have stayed home mostly. Any tips on how to brave the things you used […]

How can I stop drinking if “I am the fun girl?”

Do your friends call you the fun girl? Can you still be the fun girl if you quit drinking? “What if I’m the fun girl and want to explore the sober curious world?” Today I’m going to address a reader question who is concerned she may not be the life of the party if she […]

Life-changing benefits of quitting alcohol

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The benefits of alcohol free living are all around us! In addition to weight loss, clearer skin and better sleep, I’m here to share 3 surprising (and welcome!) benefits of quitting alcohol. Life-changing benefits of quitting alcohol. Are there any? Yes! In fact, I started off wanting to address three benefits. But, during the process […]

How to use essential oils for sobriety

How essential oils aid in sobriety I love using essential oils as part of my sober toolbox! Last year, I believed with my whole heart that wine was the only thing available in my handy little toolbox. But times change and so do people! [Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at […]

Sober Prep 101: How to stay sober on vacation

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The best way to ensure success for an sobervacation? Prepare! If you took a class called Sober Prep 101, it would teach you how to prepare – both physically and mentally – for an sober vacation. In fact, the best way to ensure success for an sober vacation is to prepare. It’s not something you […]

Amazing tips to rock the weekend sober

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Get ready for some amazing tips on how to rock the weekend sober Get ready to celebrate hangover free Saturdays and Sundays – because you’re rocking the weekend sober! I received this question from a reader and thought it would be a good one to address today. “I’m good until Friday/weekend. Then I’ll talk myself […]

3 ways alcohol sabotages your fitness goals

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alcohol can affect fitness goals – learn three ways in this blog post Today I’m sharing three ways alcohol sabotages your fitness goals. Did you ever wonder if alcohol affects the time you put in at the gym? Well then today’s blog post is for you! [Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, […]

Celebrate Progress Over Perfection

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Celebrate progress over perfection for inner peace. Progress over perfection is my motto for the day! My personality tends to be “all or nothing” – but, lately, I’ve given myself grace over making progress instead of being perfect at anything. A reader’s question answered I love receiving questions from friends who are interested in the […]

10 surprising benefits of living alcohol free

benefits of alcohol free experiment

Have you ever been curious about the benefits of living alcohol free? Before I began my own, I always wondered what where the benefits of living alcohol free for 30 days, 60 days or longer. I would Google “alcohol free for 30 days and results” and constantly read others’ success stories. So I’m very happy […]