Sober Prep 101: How to stay sober on vacation

a fridge full of La Croix
a fridge full of La Croix
The best way to ensure success for an sobervacation? Prepare!

a fridge full of La Croix

If you took a class called Sober Prep 101, it would teach you how to prepare – both physically and mentally – for an sober vacation.

In fact, the best way to ensure success for an sober vacation is to prepare. It’s not something you should wing, especially if it’s your first attempt at a sober vacay.

Sober Prep 101

One of my friends went on vacation for a week and sent me this picture of her fridge. She wanted to take a sober vacation and thought the first day would be the most challenging. So she stocked up on her favorite soda water. I love this picture. Preparation is the key to success right?!

The best way to ensure success for an sober vacation? Prepare!

Here’s my friend’s note to me, talking about how she got ready for her sober vacation:

Grocery Store Prep

“Then we went to the grocery store. Of course everyone is loading their carts with wine and beer. But I just stuck to our list.  I even asked my husband if he was getting beer and he said no. Which I really like, though he’s never been a drinker.”
Make sure when you go to the grocery store on Day 1, you stock up on all sorts of non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and other goodies. If you have something else to reach for, you will be less likely to just grab a wine or beer.

Mental Prep

It’s also a good idea to take some time to mentally prepare for your vacation.

  • Envision yourself waking up early feeling refreshed and full of energy.
  • Visualize yourself in situations where you are laughing and relaxed and enjoying yourself without a drop of alcohol.
  • Go into the vacation with a positive mindset. Look at it as an opportunity to try new things – like enjoy and experiment with mocktails at the tiki bar!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, here’s a blog post I recently wrote about my very own alcohol free vacation at Wild Dunes in Isles of Palms, South Carolina. Also, check out Sandra’s story where she shared her experience in her very first sober vacation!

Remember, taking an intentional break from alcohol offers the opportunity to challenge, change and inspire you. You can always go back to your drinking ways, but why not challenge yourself to enjoy a new experience!