Choose your hard

Rethink the way you Drink
Rethink the way you Drink
Sullivan’s Island from a recent beach trip.

Life is hard. Choose your hard.

Guys, I am absolutely humbled that so many of you have taken the time to write me about my recent feature article in Prevention Magazine. And I’m still a little shaky from sharing something so personal in such a public platform. But I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do.

Because the response I received from the article tells me that there are so many of us out there! I heard from those of you who are unsure about your relationship with alcohol. You told me about your desire to moderate more mindfully. And some of you shared your goals to live a life much different from the one you’re living now.

I’m glad that many of you saw yourselves in the article. And it makes me happy it inspired you to take action by either committing to taking a break from alcohol or at least examine it closer.

A few of you did say that you were scared of making the change.

Afraid of relationships with friends changing.

Skeptical of breaking old, comfortable routines.

And to that I say, “I hear you.” And I understand.

I want to share something with you to inspire you to stay committed to your alcohol free goals.

Which hard will you choose?

 Doing something different than what you’ve always done is hard.

Going against the grain is hard.

Finding new ways to relax and socialize with friends can be challenging.

But guess what?

Not feeling good about yourself is tough.

Frustration over feeling out of control can be maddening.

Managing depression and anxiety is more than hard.

Life can be hard. This week, and every day, you get to pick which path of hard challenges you are up for. 💛 Let’s go and crush the rest of the week alcohol free and deal with anything that comes along with a clear head and heart! You absolutely can do this.