10 surprising benefits of living alcohol free

benefits of alcohol free experiment

Have you ever been curious about the benefits of living alcohol free?

Before I began my own, I always wondered what where the benefits of living alcohol free for 30 days, 60 days or longer. I would Google “alcohol free for 30 days and results” and constantly read others’ success stories.

So I’m very happy to share Andrea’s recent experience of removing alcohol from her life for 30 days – and the surprising benefits she experienced in her own words!

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10 Benefits of Going Alcohol Free For 30 Days

benefits of alcohol free experiment

Benefit 1 – Reading Lots More:

I read. A ton. When I drink I can’t read. Not like all functionality disappears, but I never got very far sipping a drink and reading at the same time. Now I’m plowing through three books:

Benefit 2 – Saved Lots of Calories:⁣

I have saved at least 5,100 calories. Based off of one IPA at 170 calories x one drink per day (and you know you don’t always drink only one).⁣

Benefit 3 – Lots of Hangover Free Mornings:⁣

I have had 30 blissful, fully-awake, hangover free mornings! It is such a special gift to meander out of bed at the first light of day to realize, shoot, I feel amazing!⁣

Benefit 4 – Lots of Cost Savings:⁣

I have saved $102.60 this month on alcohol (I can share the math with you later if you want).⁣

Benefit 5 – Lots of Yummy Food

Food tastes better. There is so much information out there on “pair this drink with this food,” but alcohol actually numbs your taste buds so you’re not even tasting food to the full.

Benefit 6 – Less Anxious, Sad, Angry and Tired⁣

I’m less anxious, less sad, less angry, and less tired. This one point alone is reason enough for me not to drink.⁣⁣

inspirational sober quote with nature
Weekends have changed for the better during Andrea’s alcohol free journey.

Benefit 7 – Weekends have changed

My weekends have changed. Instead of being led around by, “where we gonna drink today,” my outlook is “what adventure awaits us that I haven’t even noticed before?”⁣⁣

Benefit 8 – Inspiring Others

I have had a positive impact on the drinking habits of those around me. I know of at least one person who is drinking less because of my sober journey.⁣⁣

Benefit 9 – Enjoying a Wellness Journey

I am experiencing pride in the value I am placing on my own wellness. I am honoring myself with sobriety, and as I continue to walk it out, it feels more amazing. And my confidence has grown in this. ⁣

Benefit 10 – Community

I have discovered a wealth of community available on Instagram who challenge, lift up, and inspire.