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Let go of the notion that alcohol is a treat

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Let go of the notion that alcohol is a treat. – Catherine Gray Let go of the notion that alcohol is a treat – catherine gray An inspirational letter from a friend who’s about to celebrate one year alcohol free I love hearing from people whose lives have changed after quitting alcohol. This letter is […]

Life-changing benefits of quitting alcohol

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The benefits of alcohol free living are all around us! In addition to weight loss, clearer skin and better sleep, I’m here to share 3 surprising (and welcome!) benefits of quitting alcohol. Life-changing benefits of quitting alcohol. Are there any? Yes! In fact, I started off wanting to address three benefits. But, during the process […]

How to use essential oils for sobriety

How essential oils aid in sobriety I love using essential oils as part of my sober toolbox! Last year, I believed with my whole heart that wine was the only thing available in my handy little toolbox. But times change and so do people! [Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at […]

Sober Prep 101: How to stay sober on vacation

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The best way to ensure success for an sobervacation? Prepare! If you took a class called Sober Prep 101, it would teach you how to prepare – both physically and mentally – for an sober vacation. In fact, the best way to ensure success for an sober vacation is to prepare. It’s not something you […]