Celebrate Progress Over Perfection

Isle of Palms, SC

Isle of Palms, SC
Celebrate progress over perfection for inner peace.

Progress over perfection is my motto for the day! My personality tends to be “all or nothing” – but, lately, I’ve given myself grace over making progress instead of being perfect at anything.

A reader’s question answered

I love receiving questions from friends who are interested in the sober curious movement. So, when speaking with a friend who is on her own alcohol free challenge, she sent me the following note about “slip ups. And, of course, I wanted to address in today’s note to you!


How do you feel about relapses? I am doing a 30-day alcohol free challenge, but I had a slip and drank yesterday. I still plan on doing the rest of the month sober but I wanted to know your thoughts.

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Try practicing progress over perfection in your own life – starting now!


I think, when it comes to alcohol, we should all give ourselves a little grace. We are practicing a new habit, which doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a while to rewire a brain that is used to drinking alcohol at every event, every occasion.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t commit wholeheartedly – but it took me SEVERAL, dozens event, attempts to get to a place where it’s easy for me to say “no” to alcohol.

For me, I had to work through a lot of situations – birthday parties, special events, boring Thursday nights, tough days – and everything in between. So when I reached for wine during one (or all) of the above, I learned something about why I was drinking in the first place.

So, if you’re truly trying to achieve a sober lifestyle or pursue an alcohol free goal, definitely commit to not drinking – but don’t give up if you have a slip up.

Mistakes happen. You’re human. And it’s a process.

“In truth, our lives benefit from deep, lasting growth when we make changes slowly.” – Jim Daly

Keep going. Don’t look back. Celebrate making small steps towards achieving your goal. If you truly want it, you will find a way and the power to turn down alcohol, otherwise, you’ll always find an excuse!

Wishing you all a happy Sunday and a fun, fantastic (alcohol free) weekend!