Alcohol Free Beach Drink – Mango Smash Mocktail Recipe

Mango Smash Mocktail
Mango Smash Mocktail
A refreshing mocktail recipe that serves as a perfect boat drink or beach drink!

Isle of Palms, SC
My view of an inlet after I ran five miles! I was able to exercise every day of my beach vacation because I enjoyed alcohol free drinks.

If you’re looking for an alcohol free beach drink that is refreshing and tastes great with some sand between your toes, than look no further!

The word “mocktail” doesn’t have to evoke images of flat Shirley Temples with warm, soggy Maraschino cherries. And if you’re a mango lover, you’ll definitely have to read on for a perfect mango smash concoction that is 100% alcohol free.

I recently visited Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina. And the area, literally named Isle of Palms, is my happy place. So ever since the boys were born (in 2014), we’ve taken a family vacation there – and have enjoyed plenty of beach drinks along the way.

Annual Beach Trip

In years past, I’ve adopted the notion that I work hard and, therefore need to play hard. And I think last year I would start drinking beer around 11 a.m. and continue into the night. Because, hey it’s vacation, right?!

But this year, I vowed to remain alcohol free on the trip, because I wanted to:

  • be present
  • sleep well
  • not be under a constant fog

Essentially, I wanted to enjoy a relaxing vacation and not return home bloated, tired, cranky and feeling like I needed another vacation..can you feel me?!

So I explored the island. I spoke up and asked for non alcoholic drinks. And, you know what? No one minded!

Since I still wanted to enjoy beach drinks – without the consequences of drinking alcohol – I asked bartenders to make their favorite alcohol free versions for me.

Alcohol free beach drink
A refreshing recipe that serves as a perfect boat drink or beach drink – and because it’s alcohol free, you’ll still have your energy and wits about you to enjoy the rest of the vacation!

In fact, bartenders were happy to accommodate. Here is the recipe to this fabulous Mango Smash Mocktail – tiki bar approved!

Mango Smash Mocktail Recipe


  • Mango puree – 60 ml
  • Simple syrup – 10ml
  • Lime juice – 10ml
  • Soda water for top up
  • Lime wedges
  • Mint

Preparation –

1) Mix well together the mango puree and lime juice
2) In a glass put ice cubes and and pour in the simple syrup.
3) Pour over the mango juice mixture in to glass with ice cubes.
4) Top it up with soda or sparkling water, and garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves

You may have to play with the recipe a bit, depending on whether or not you like drinks on the sweeter side!