Sober Curious Success Story – Sandra Enjoys Alcohol Free Beach Vacation

Sober Curious Success Story

Sober Curious Success Story

I love to learn from women who have a sober curious success story to share. Because I know they serve as inspiration to those looking to make a change in their lives when it comes to the role alcohol plays.

Therefore, I have a fun story to share with you today!

I connected with Sandra when I started posting about my recent alcohol free beach trip (you can see images on Instagram and also view my IG highlights that takes you through each of the seven days of the trip!).

Sandra mentioned she was taking a trip to Florida and wanted to enjoy an alcohol free beach vacation herself…she was curious what her experience would be like as a sober mom, and I’ve included her updated below.

NOTE to anyone who is reading this:

You can do hard things. New things or experiences always seem hard before they get easier. And then they turn into a sober curious success story that you can share and be proud of! You are meant to be able to find ways to reach your goals! And being sober curious is all about experiencing new adventures, activities and events without the “comfort” of alcohol.

Sandra, Grateful Mom Enjoys Her First Alcohol Free Beach Vacation!

Here is Sandra’s Sober Curious Success Story. I hope you find inspiration from this!

Sandra was curious about what a sober vacation would look like for her and her family. And we’re so thankful she shared her experience!

Sober Curious Success Story

It’s the last day of our beach vacation. I:

  • watched every sunrise
  • read two books
  • went to the gym twice
  • walked for 30 minutes on the beach every day
  • looked for shells with Avery
  • ate too much candy
  • didn’t drink a drop of alcohol
  • got lots of snuggles from my boys
  • got lots of love and attention from my hubby
  • did not have a perfect week
  • lost my temper with the kids
  • was irritable from lack of alone time

But, I was present and sober for every moment

And for that, I am grateful.