Alcoholism and Authors

It’s not difficult to list drunken authors. In fact it makes a good party game. There are countless examples of the inextricable link between creative (sometimes brilliant) writing and booze. Jack Kerouac said, “As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind…” These critical, analytical days the quote sounds arrogant and […]

All Hallows Eve: The night when tipsy moms drive golf carts and lose their children in the marsh…

  Would you get in a golf cart with these muthas’??? I know I’m jumping the gun and I promise I won’t do it again until October, but Lauren and Courtney have been posting things about Halloween and I’m feeling nostalgic and it’s so HOT here… Halloween is my favorite holiday.   My house is decorated […]

How I Ended Up Tipsy With a Machete, in Nassau’s Odyssey Airport Security…

I was at a pilot’s safety meeting last night at Jacksonville’s Craig Airfield. The topic was “Flight Review” and I listened to a flight instructor talk about how “fun” it is to practice landing after losing an engine at takeoff and to “touch and go” with cross winds: all part of the Flight Review process and designed to […]


Fiona’s typical state of being…   I bought Fiona online from a breeder in Oklahoma when I was drunk.  For the first few months of her life, I was at my lowest point – drinking three bottles of wine a day and battling a mysterious bacterial infection that caused my joints to swell painfully.  Walking her […]

Little Church in the Hood.

     I’m sick of worrying about myself.  I’m sick of worrying about money and success and whether the sober decisions I am making about my future (way too open ended at this stage of my life) are the RIGHT decisions.  I’m sick of the self-absorbed, self-analytical, self-satisfaction of being an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic.    […]