Three Things I Thought I’d Never Say…


 1.  The water on the windward side of an island in The Bahamas is grey.
Looking at this photo of Current Island, one might think this is a cold place. Instead we carry wash cloths to blot the sweat running down our faces.


2. I addressed the congregation of the Current Settlement Methodist Church.  Did too. It’s like the Grinch carving the roast beast, right? That’s my host Alicia Munroe in front of the church. She’ll vouch for me.


3. I found a cork screw in my carry-on bag this morning and I wasn’t looking for it. Couldn’t I gouge someone to death with this? Isn’t it more dangerous than the full bottle of shampoo I had to throw away at security? In the old days I had cork screws stashed everywhere like reading glasses.


Lots more on all these subjects at a later date, because the internet is being difficult this morning – remembering I’m LITERALLY in the back of beyond.

Today I’m not drinking because I’m on Current Island and it’s a beautiful day.  Reason enough?

How come you’re not drinking?