I’m Not Just an Ex-Drunk


Sometimes I think HUMOROUS EX-BOOZER will be my epitaph. This is a sobriety blog, and my primary focus is helping those who suffer from alcohol addiction, but I have started thinking lately about the other things I am.  The other things I do. I am not quite as consumed by NOT DRINKING as I was six months ago.

I am heading back to The Bahamas today with Bahamas Habitat, to spend a couple of days at The Zion Children’s Home. The Home is the recently-realized vision of the women of Current Island and a safe sanctuary for Bahamian children who have been abused or neglected. ZCH is the pet project of Bahamas Habitat (pilots who fly in to serve) and I am tasked with raising awareness and garnering donations to keep it running. Our ultimate goal is to build a $2 million endowment for the long term operation and expansion of The Zion Children’s Home.

Learn more or donate at www.bahamashabitat.org or Like us on Facebook at Bahamas Habitat or Follow us on Twitter @bahamashabitat1.  I mean it, people…

As Matt Damon said in the hilarious episode of Entourage where he strong-armed everybody into giving to his favorite charity, “COME ON! IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!”

*Nathan is not one of the residents of the home – he’s just an insanely adorable poster child…

Today I’m not drinking because I have to drive on I-95 to Ft Lauderdale and everybody goes like 90 mph!!!

How come you’re not drinking?