Oh My GOD, am I a Glutton???

Gluttony - Wikipedia

Google “gluttony” and you will thank me for this pretty depiction…

I had one of those moments yesterday where a word just pops into my mind and I can’t get it out until I look it up and make sure it’s the exact word to describe the exact feeling I’m feeling.  You know what I mean?

Of course you don’t…

The word that popped to mind was “gluttony”.  It’s a horrible word.  A greasy word.  A word without possible misinterpretation.  No one wants to be thought of as a glutton.  Gluttony means: to gulp down or swallow; an over indulgence of food, drink or wealth.  Insatiable.

All alcoholics are gluttons.  We drink until we’re full and then we drink some more.  And the dude in the pastoral ménage a quatre above has a clean tank top; there’s a reason for the Wine Away product – people who drink red wine, spill red wine.  Does he look happy?  He’s got three solicitous, busty babes and what looks like a prime rib and a re-baked potato with cheese on his plate, and he looks miserable.

Because that’s the other thing about gluttons – we are miserable.

And how about the blue teeth and gums?  I switched to red wine many times while I was a drinker.  I don’t really like red wine, so I figured it would curtail my  intake.  No dice.  I just plugged my nose and guzzled.  Because that’s what gluttons do.

Today I’m not drinking because: I’m on a diet.

How come you’re not drinking?