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     In the photos below, I am waiting happily for a ticket agent who will never come, and preparing to cross a body of water famous for its fast current on a boat called The Rowdy Woman…      I have to be honest.  I’m not very patient.  I’m the kind of person who puts Jon […]

Familiarity breeds, well, familiarity…

     There is something familiar and nostalgic at dark-fall on every island I’ve ever been on in the Bahamas.  Everybody gets busy: walking back and forth; draping themselves languidly over roadside bar-tops; flirting with benign good nature; riding around in golf carts; talking trash.  There’s always the guy whispering into ears and disappearing. There’s at least one jaundiced old […]

I’ll admit it, I did the Electric Slide recently…

I danced on my super-secret stretch of beach in Guana Reserve.  I was trucking along to my island playlist, thinking great thoughts, when a reggae version of the old classic came on.   It’s important to be drunk when entering an Electric Slide Contest… Kim and I won an Electric Slide contest in Beaver Creek, […]