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The best way to quit drinking, is to look at a photo of yourself…

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years

     …when you were drunk.  The difference between what you thought you looked like and what you really looked like is marked.  To put it mildly.     In the movie “One Hour Photo” the creepy Robin Williams character says, “No one takes a picture of something they want to forget.”  What if someone else takes the picture?  […]

I haven’t memorized the Serenity prayer yet…

   My first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was intimidating. The meeting place looked like a miniature Cracker Barrel restaurant, with rocking chairs on the veranda, and live oaks providing dappled shade.  The parking lot was filled like Costco on payday with everything from shiny Black Mercedes to beater pick-up trucks.  A Heinz variety of drunks.I sat […]

Release the Kraken!!!

     I have to be honest.  This picture makes me salivate like Pavlov’s pups…  Do you like the way that beam of light is gleaming where the glass bows at the bottom?  It’s like God has pointed his finger.     White wine is my elixir of choice, and I could fill a small town water tower with […]