When is the last time you saw a gang high-ten with such authentic, enthusiasm? I want to work here!!


I’ll be honest. I haven’t really worked in 20 years. I owned an art gallery. I have done some free lance writing and sober coaching. I have spent the past year giving back to the recovery community (for the most part pro bono), but I have not actually worked, worked since before the outfit of choice for female executives had a big (kind of provocative) zipper running up the back.


I have been observing the working world recently like the proverbial orphan in the snow, looking into the warm, firelight lit room of commerce and thinking, “I should do that. I can do that,” but not knowing where to begin. After two years of sobriety (no wine shooters clanking in the bottom of this employee’s Louis briefcase) my mind is clear and I am actually good at a few things…


My friend Lisa reminded me the other day that I am not just a recovering alcoholic. She says it hurts her to read some of the things I write about myself. Because Lisa is kind, she listed my skills and achievements aloud, including (but not limited to): attractive, funny, excellent writer, great art curator, good mother, good on the computer, and a student of life… So I decided that was going to be my resume.


And I got a job.


One of the great things about a daily blog, when you are recovering from something as horrible as I have been through, is the written proof of one’s progress. So to, the proof of God’s gifts. I am feeling very thankful this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my incredible friends and family who have believed in me. And for the prayers and well wishes and go-get-ems. And to Lisa and Don a special thank you.


I have to go. I’m going to be late for work.


Today I’m not drinking because I am buying a dress with a zipper up the back on my lunch hour…


How come you’re not drinking?