The Power of Words


“… my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” – Psalm 45:1 (NIV) 


Recently people have been sending me messages about the power of words: daily reflections, quotes from famous authors on writing, snippets culled from scripture and literature and medicine. There is more and more clever, well written blog copy coming across the IMAX of social media with pithy things to say about the state of the world, enumerated tips to a better life and commentary on everything from addiction to zombies (although zombies have become passé).


There is power in words. And weight. I feel crushed by the volume of excellent information to read about alcoholism and recovery alone. I don’t have time to read about the best way to remove my body hair, or how to take the perfect selfie (although I need help with that) or even surefire tips for achieving runaway happiness and success (although I need help with that).


There is power in words. Ask our President, who’s recent, well placed N-word is all anyone can talk about at the moment. Should he have. Should he not have; using more well placed words on talk shows, in articles and blog posts.


I got a letter yesterday from someone who had read my blog on Gratitude. She is not an alcoholic, but has been going through a messy, painful breakup and the blog reminded her that being grateful is a powerful catalyst for healing and long term happiness. I got another letter from a young lady who called me an “angel” (perhaps the first time I have been given that handle…) for helping her family with my words. It reminded me that what I say, should be what I mean. And unlike my old drinking days, when I threw out clever quips like pig slop, I am being more watchful.


I still have a biting tongue, but these days I bite my tongue.


Because something is brewing, and words have the power to incite or galvanize or restore…


Today I’m not drinking because I have to watch my words…

How come you’re not drinking?