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Hiking With Kim

Hiking With Kim

Hiking With Kim

My hikes with Kim usually feel like cleaning the kitchen really well: satisfying, but with the notion that once it is done, it shouldn’t have to be done again. Ever.


There are hills involved. She walks at a pace mere mortals call jogging, and the only thing I have found I can do better than her physically is ford a stream (and how often do you get to do that?). We have been hiking all over the world. I am always second in line, and in fact when I find myself in front I wait or circle around behind her like an old, well trained plow-horse until order is restored.





Oh, but what I’ve seen…

All the things the guidebooks or views from car windows don’t afford. In Santa Fe we were stalked by a streamside would-be butcher. Some whack-job was building a stone shrine in the middle of nowhere and when we passed him, he followed hiding and tiptoeing until another hiking group scared him off.


In Scotland we embarked on a 12 mile hike in the Highlands without water or ID’s (Jane and June Doe if anything happened to us), in Colorado we were forced to run down the mountain away from an angry calving elk (bad map reading on my part), in London’s Hyde Park Kim ran rings around me – up and back like some joyous human yoyo, energized by the cool weather and the flat terrain.


We’re learning to take pepper spray and water and driver’s licenses.


Hiking without a hangover is a positive.


Last night I even suggested a second walk along the beach. It was a gorgeous evening…


This was Kim:



This was me:


I might be dozing…

And so it goes…

Today I’m not drinking because I’m wrapping my foot and getting to the top of the mountain I didn’t make yesterday…

How come you’re not drinking?

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Comments (3)

  1. Avatar
    Oct 8, 2014

    How come you're not drinking?
    I've got to get Marilyn to the top of the hill today
    Some of the best times I’ve had have been walking with Mare. Endless hours in remote locals, chatting and laughing the entire way.I wish I was as perky as I was in the good ol days but I can still lead that old mare Mare up a hill!

  2. Avatar
    Oct 8, 2014

    Having hiked, skied, run and done 1990s “body sculpting” with Kim, I can attest that you speak the truth. How wonderful that your friendship with her has endured through so much – breakups and breakouts, illness, successes and failures. Do some hills for me, Marilyn, and give Kim a hug.

    • Marilyn
      Oct 8, 2014

      Today nearly killed me, but I feel great tonight. It’s as if my body begins to adapt to the insanity I put it through – the heat, the long, dusty roads, the way ups… It’s nice to know you empathize. I’ll say it again, when it’s over I am so glad I did it and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Thanks so much for the note.

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