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Guana Reserve – If Beaches Could Talk…

Guana Reserve – If Beaches Could Talk…


Casting shadows with Lauren…


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I do not want you to go to Guana Reserve. You can go with me if you are Kim or Dee or Lisa, or my kids with their dogs. Or Kallie or Fiona, or Ellie and Evie when they come to visit, or Laura or even other friends or relations if I take them with me to show them how ridiculously awesome it is, but the rest of you please stay home. Because the splendor of the experience for me, the glory – stems from its vast aloneness.


It is such a precious place to me and so much has happened while hiking there, I feel the need to pay homage. To keep the experience as pristine as possible, preserving my memories enclosed in a dome like that Sci-Fi television show or Plath’s bell jar – but less restricting and suicidal… You get what I mean, right?


Here is my Guana Reserve in all its splendor:



The day I surrendered. The day I saved my life.



Cloudy thoughts…



Half a heart – saying goodbye to Nick



God is in his heavens…



Morning has broken…



With Fiona…



See what I mean? Not another soul in sight…


Today I’m not drinking because I am going to a very special place…


How come you’re not drinking?

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Comments (6)

  1. kim
    Oct 21, 2015

    Your writing is always fantastic but you are becoming gifted with the camera as well!

    • Marilyn
      Oct 21, 2015

      It’s the subject matter. And I also am in love with my new phone…
      Thanks my dear.

  2. JIm
    Oct 21, 2015


    Deal – then you stay away from my Neptune Beach! Kidding.

    I love taking pix of the beach at different times of day too. Like snowflakes – every one is different.

    The beach is also my meditation place – all that air blowing towards you, full of oxygen and salt and so clean. Deep breaths.

    Keep it up!

    • Marilyn
      Oct 21, 2015

      Coming up to the best time of year for the beach too – windy, cold and nobody there. Thanks for this.

  3. Annie Oper
    Oct 21, 2015


    • Marilyn
      Oct 22, 2015

      It is an incredible place.

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