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First Among Equals

My beach on Staniel Cay. Is it fair to say alcohol took it from me? Is it fair? I reconnected with a couple of women from Staniel Cay recently. They both admitted they had always been worried about me and my drinking. Unbeknownst to me, one of them is a long time recovering alcoholic who had […]

The Art of Lying…

I once worked with a guy, who taught me how to lie (sounds like the start of a dirty limerick…). He said the key to lying effectively is: keep it simple and keep it close to the truth. Jon Jon says there is a point in a lie when one should just stop talking. He’s referring to […]


I need love too…   I have been told I am dogged. Once I get the notion to do something I just find a way to do it. Like climbing a mountain in Puerto Rico when I’m out of shape, or quitting drinking after twenty years of perilous boozing. It’s not a quality I particularly admire […]