Hangovers and Responsibilities…


OR Who Walks the Dog Today? I spent the evening with Lauren and Fiona last night (two of my very favorite bitches…). Lauren is taking care of Fiona while I find a place to live. They were both happy, healthy and very happy to see me. That’s saying something from a Class A Drunk: two important relationships I haven’t royally cocked up…

This morning I started thinking about the things I took care of while I was drinking.

I have always been a good mother.

And against all odds (she arrived at the peak of  my crapulence) I am a responsible dog owner. In fact, right before I stopped drinking, walking Fiona was about the only thing I did outside.

I remember many a morning, moaning and putting a jacket over my pajamas, stumbling outside and gagging while bagging her poop, my head pounding as I bent…


What about all the innocents who are under the thumb of a drunk who doesn’t prioritize their children or their pets?

Today I’m not drinking because I’m taking care of innocents.

How come you’re not drinking?