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Put Down the Camera and Enjoy Your Sobriety Real-Time…

By looking into the photos on my phone I can see that I am walking in the woods…   …Marilyn. Recently, I have noticed I am so busy trying to capture how awesome I have become, now that I’m sober, my phone or camera seems to get a better experience than I do. It started with the […]

AA’s Axiom “One Step at a Time” is NOT a Cliché

The top of the hill. It’s like childbirth – once it’s done you forget the pain… NOT. I have never thought the simplistic AA aphorisms, “one day at time” or “one step at a time” were trite or cliché. I am reminded almost every day, that the journey from addiction to recovery is made in small, […]

Sober City Parks

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years

Park distractions… does the woman on the right look serious enough to be a Marine? She is out of formation and appears to be giggling… I finally hooked up with a women’s walking group this weekend in Riverside Park (“thanks” Jan, for setting it up). Riverside Park has a wide sidewalk and it runs along a […]

My (Short-Lived) Sober Facebook Love Affair

You probably already know this, but some guys use Facebook as a dating site. I get Facebook requests for “Friends” and notes from strangers who think my profile picture is “pretty” all the time. I used to agree to all takers for “Friend requests”, thinking I had met them in an online alcohol group or […]

Music Therapy

If you look closely, there are coyote decoys on the shore… I stopped by the office yesterday and when I came out (on my way for a walk) there were small balls of ice falling from the sky. I felt like Henny Penny. I promise I am finished with metaphors and misery about the cold, but ice […]

Man is in the Forest (With a Flask)…

  I have a friend named Mark who lives in Michigan. I’m thinking of him this morning. I was feeling resentful about not being able to drink yesterday, and it’s all his fault.   Mark is one of those people who does really fun, outrageous drinking activities and then goes back to his important job with great stories to […]