A New Horizon…


Is this corny? Because I don’t feel corny. I feel hopeful and I think this is a sunset, not a sunrise and sunsets are less cheesy than sunrises, somehow – there’s a bit of melancholy…


Now – Bring me that horizon…” ― Jack Sparrow


I was going through some old photographs on my computer yesterday, and I came upon a snippet of video, taken on my boat in the Exumas. It appears to be a mistake – a butt dial or the push of the wrong button and it is excruciatingly short, but it brought back a flood of fond memories.

Looking forward…

After the weekend I spent feeling sorry for myself, I was searching for an image that would represent “looking forward” with hope. Yesterday was a great day and I wanted to write a post about moving on – rallying after a meltdown. What better metaphor is there than a boat, heading out on a new adventure, looking at the horizon and not the wake?




I am amazed at the human being’s ability to rally. I  am awed every day by those who write to me, facing hardship, fear, temptation, sorrow and the jackboot of discouragement. As we go forward on this journey (some of us with the added burden of craving another drink) all we can do is look forward.

Facing fear…

I’d like to say, “Without fear,” but that’s not it, is it? It is not the lack of fear, but the facing of fear that makes us strong. Makes us who we are – and looking forward at the horizon, not the wake…


“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Today I’m not drinking because I am setting sail.


How come you’re not drinking?