Something wicked this way comes…


So, I had a complete meltdown Saturday. I was eating an orange on the way to the bank and when I got to the drive-through ATM machine, my fingers were sticky and the machine was not recognizing my responses to the prompts and there was an impatient car behind me and I lost it.


I drove to the parking area without completing my transaction and fished a piece of bacon out of my purse (don’t ask) and ate it while I sobbed and shouted to the heavens, “Why me?”


Has that ever happened to you? I don’t mean the sticky fingers part or the bacon panacea or even the fact that every time I pull into an ATM a huge, intimidating SUV pulls in right behind me. I mean a small trigger, causing a much bigger reaction than is warranted. It’s like the body is looking for an excuse to release tension.


So I hunkered down this weekend and read a great book with a main character who is an alcoholic. You see how I yank myself up from the bootstraps? Actually you need to read this book. And I’ll rally.

I always do…




Today I’m not drinking because I’m rallying (I always do…)

How come you’re not drinking?