The Perils of Mare (no more…)


I got an incredibly nice message from Rosalind last week. She likened my life to the parts of a book – a trilogy like The Hunger Games, or those books where everybody is battling moving tree stumps and armies on clouds to get the brass ring. Part 1 she says is the cliff-hanger: me tied to the tracks with a Eurostar speeding ever closer. The Perils of Mare – a hapless victim or a magnet for the kind of circumstances that keeps you turning the pages in books. What will happen to this poor woman next?

Part 2 is where I find a way to untie the knots made by the villain, use my Hermes scarf to flag down the train and hitch a ride to Brussels… you get the picture. I love the image, especially remembering those cartoons where the blond is bound to a logging wood-cutter until the hero rescues her and it’s all, “Oh, Dudley…what would I have done without you?”

For so long it seemed I was born on the winds of circumstance – Courting the Crazies in Part 1 and wondering why this was happening to me?  I guess Rosalind is saying it’s time to rescue myself – time to be my own hero – and time to give credit to a higher power for the path I am on right now.

Here’s the comment in full because it’s better than any synopsis I can come up with. Thanks and “YES!” to Chapter 3!

Hi Marilyn. I have not commented in a while, but I have been reading WUTG daily. To be getting a fresh start, and in your home state no less, helping others do what you yourself understand with every cell in your body…wow. Not to get preachy but about that higher power…could it be that this has been the plan for your life all along?
It reminds me of a novel you just can’t put down. After 12+ chapters of crazy antics and riveting suspense, you greedily turn the page to see “PART II.” And all of a sudden, the heroine is not tied to a tree in the middle of the woods in the rain while the EVIL DUDE moves closer and closer….instead she is in Grand Rapids living in an old church (really?) and working in an office. And the reader can let out a huge sigh of relief and breathe…
I am very happy for you and know that you will be a huge asset to Sanford House. Keep us posted. And I wonder…
Will there be a Part III?


Today I’m not drinking because I’ve decided to be my own hero…

How come you’re not drinking?