Subliminal seduction…the five good reasons I used to drink.

     I read somewhere that the Warning Labels on cigarettes are actually a subliminal advertisement: people smoke because it’s dangerous.  It made me ponder (till my ponder-er got sore).  Can the same be said for wine?  Why did I used to drink?

One: It was something to do with my hands.

     For as long as I can remember, I’ve been awkward at parties and gatherings.  With a glass of wine, there’s none of those weird, nervous, shuffling, what-do-I-do-with-my-hands moments.  And standing in line at the open bar has purpose.  And you meet people.

Two: I liked the taste and the feel and the buzz.

     There is nothing like a crisp, icy cold glass of wine in a thin flute.  It even sounds delicious, right?  And the buzz was like an old friend, softening the very sharp edges.

Three: It was a hobby.

     I have gift wine glasses, and wine glass jewelry, and wine cozies, and humorous cocktail napkins and plaques with aphorisms and coffee table books.  All about wine.  It was a hobby. 

Four: It made me funnier and bigger than life.

     Everyone says I’m funnier now, but I’m not buying it.

Five: Everyone else did.

     I’m not tattling…  What I’ve realized is that unlike me, the friends I have who drink, might drink up a storm on a Saturday night.  But the next day, they nurse their hangovers, go to work, drive their cars, go to church, take care of the children – the household chores, without a THOUGHT to drinking.  There’s precious little danger in it.

Today I’m not drinking because: there’s no excuses, only reasons…

How come you’re not drinking?