Quitting Drinking and Tiredness – what’s the deal?

quitting drinking and tiredness

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A member’s question about quitting drinking and tiredness

I receive a lot of questions. The questions range from how to approach social occasions to recipes for alcohol free drinks and tips on staying alcohol free while traveling.

One question I got recently was about tiredness and quitting drinking.

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Specifically, one reader asked:

“When does the feeling of absolute exhaustion go away? I’m on day 6, I’m drinking plenty of water, going to bed early, and eating right. This feeling of constant exhaustion is frustrating. Is it normal?”

Reader question on quitting drinking and tiredness answered:

It’s a process. That’s for sure! Everyone is different but it can be frustrating to feel tired and groggy – especially when you are making choices (like taking a break from drinking!), specifically to feel better!

Please just remember that alcohol affects everything – your brain, your hormones, your organs, etc. so it’s going to take time.

With that said, there are things you can do to tackle post alcohol fatigue, like:

  • Finding time to exercise
  • Staying hydrated (making sure you stay hydrated can help prevent headaches, too, which can be common when people quit drinking)
  • Eating healthier foods to replenish the vitamins that your body has been robbed of through consuming alcohol
  • And sticking to a routine, especially a nighttime routine.
Here is some helpful feedback from another Rethink The Way You Drink – VIP member on quitting alcohol and tiredness:

“It’s totally normal! I was honestly exhausted for about a month and that’s with regular exercise for years and eating keto. I used it as motivation to keep going because to me it was my withdrawal symptom. It was still better to me than being hungover and tired. Hang in there!”

Stay the course, friend. You’ve got this!.

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