alcohol free in Waikiki…how to stay sober on vacation and love it!

a slice of coconut cake in Waikiki

Aloha! Could you ever imagine being alcohol free in Waikiki? I mean, Hawaii is the ultimate in tropical bucket list destination vacation! How could you pass up a Mai Tai there and NOT consume alcohol? Isn’t that the point of going away?!

Well I’ve got the perfect story for you – how to stay alcohol free in Waikiki!

A friend recently returned from a six-day holiday in Hawaii AF AF (alcohol free as *%^#!). She is also celebrating 5 months of sobriety. I hope you’ll read her story and find inspiration for you to pursue more alcohol free adventures.

alcohol free in Waikiki – a reader’s experience

“This would honestly be my first holiday in 30 years where no alcohol was involved. How did it go? Fantastic! I woke super early each morning with a clear head and loads of energy.

On waking I would either go to the hotel gym for a treadmill run or outside for a 5km run along Waikiki boardwalk.

Watching the morning unfold and being really present was magic. Having meaningful conversations with my girlfriend and belly laughing was the best! (I’m sure some people thought we were drinking!!). Not sitting at dinner each night fighting in my head whether to have another drink or not was a blessed experience. Another was not worrying about where I can buy wine for a 5 o’clock drink in my room.

I ate well, stayed healthy and had the most amazing holiday. I have realized now that drinking on a holiday isn’t a holiday. All it is, is a long hangover where all you achieve is being tired.

inspiring quote about going alcohol free in Waikiki

I have truly come home refreshed and ready to get stuck into my everyday life again.

Quitting alcohol was the best thing I have ever done.

When I started this journey I said I was going 12 months AF to see how I felt physically and mentally. To be honest I cannot see my relationship with alcohol resuming anytime soon. The benefits of staying dry outweigh drinking vino any day. Here’s to 5 months and many more AF AF!!!”

I’m so happy for her. Does that sound like an experience you’d like to enjoy? It can be yours if you want it. This summer I documented my own alcohol free vacation here. Hope you enjoy! xo Kim