It’s Throw Up Thursday!


“Gluttony” by Pieter Breugel the Elder

Let’s talk about gluttony


It was pretty early into my sobriety, that I realized alcoholics are gluttons. I can tell you that I still grapple with the bottomlessness of my desires.

(Speaking of puking, doesn’t that sound like it belongs in a bodice-ripper romance novel?)


Thorn Bartleby strode steadfastly into the castle-keep, his poet’s shirt torn and muddied from the joust. His exposed, rippling bicep coiled like a serpent in a sparrow’s nest. He seized the slender, milky arm of Desmerelda (knocking the ever-present wine glass from her manicured mitt) and pulled her to his tawny, rock-hardness. Desmerelda’s alabaster knees buckled, and she sank with tortured abandon into the (wait for it) bottomlessness of her desires


I need to get out more..


Anyway, this is an old but good post about alcoholism and  Gluttony. Read it and whimper…


Today I’m not drinking because I would rather be called almost anything than a “glutton”

How come you’re not drinking?