Is It Me?


Is it just me or are AA meetings not always that easy to find?

This is not a rhetorical question.

I’m in Flint looking for a meeting and when I Googled AA meetings Flint Michigan, I got a hodgepodge of websites touting services to problem drinkers and a glut of options so varied and obtuse I started to sweat.



It reminds me of those cat houses that used to spring up around the gold rush towns in the old, wild west. Kudos for inventive, piggyback links and indexing, people.

There’s a bold type faced HOTLINE number, but that seems extreme. Like it should be used only when one hand is on the bottle of Chard and the other is pinging the Waterford…

There are indecipherable ledgers and tables, listing meeting times and places like the train schedule for the accountant in the movie The Untouchables. You will recall how that ended – careening baby buggies and blood spattered marble floors…

I could go to rehab.

Or Carriage Town Ministries.

There’s a general resource website, with a drop down tab that peddles counseling facilities and encourages, JOIN US FREE!

I clicked on one morbidly cheerful site and was given an optional, disorder du jour menu – Eating! Drinking! Drugs!

Am I overthinking this?

Am I the only recovering alcoholic hamstrung by format?

Today I’m not drinking because I am honestly trying to find an AA meeting…

How come you’re not drinking?