I’m Going to Rehab

Pose Well Studios - Agnes Lopez Photography

The front entrance of Lakeview Health Jacksonville, Florida


No, I have not relapsed.  I am going to rehab sober, as a guest of Jacksonville’s Lakeview Health for their Professional Weekend which started last night with a dinner, introductions and a few inspirational videos. The 25 attendees are from all over the country and they are sober coaches, therapists, representatives from sister facilities and other experts in the recovery field. Last night there was also an excellent, moving testimonial from one of Lakeview’s alumni.


Every time I have ever been to one of these types of events, the first night has me thinking two things:

  • First, I am envious of those confident types who grab the microphone and do a Ted Talks worthy introduction of themselves – a lead-in joke and an articulate, two minute recap of their entire life’s work.
  • Second, I always visualize an Agatha Christie style murder. Who would be the obvious victim, and the likely whodunit?

I can’t help myself.


I am excited and grateful that I am participating in the newly renovated facility as a professional and not as a client. I did expect, as a writer for Recovery Connections.org and Waking Up the Ghost, to sit with my notebook and observe; perhaps a low impact stroll around the Lakeview campus. But this morning I am packing for a spate of activities designed to positively focus the attention; and meld the mind, body and spirit.


I will go from climbing a rock wall (I chose this over surf therapy – there was talk of sharks and thunderstorms…) to music therapy and yoga. And if last night’s dinner is an example of Lakeview’s culinary offering, I will be enjoying a delicious lunch.


Isn’t it amazing? Just two years ago I was a desperate, drunk with a black hole where my future was supposed to be. Today I am sitting among my peers: the best of the best in the recovery community, touring an impressive facility and learning all about the state of the art techniques to saving the lives and enriching the lives of those struggling with addiction. As a professional.


And we got SWAG.


Today I’m not drinking because I’m going to rehab.


The new gym has a running track on the balcony…

How come you’re not drinking?