We’re Going to Need a Bigger Glass…


If this were a river of wine, laying down with my mouth under the wine-fall might just be ENOUGH…


I got an interesting comment yesterday, from CAZ. She answered the question HOW COME YOU’RE NOT DRINKING? with: Because I can’t find a large enough glass.

To a non-alcoholic, this answer might sound cheeky or as if the person didn’t understand the question. Why do you need a large glass you might ask? What difference does it make? Just get a glass from the cupboard and refill it when you need to.

But to an alcoholic it hits the nail right on the head.

When I was drinking, I felt like an empty, tinbox. That’s exactly how it felt – rusty-mouth thirsty and bone-dry empty all the time – anxious to fill up, but never able to fill up. Kind of like Sisyphus, compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down….

As a joke one Christmas, Lauren gave me a wine glass that would hold an entire bottle of wine. How many functioning alcoholics have gotten that gag gift, right? But it was meaningful because there is a gluttony to alcoholism – and a desperation. I was always worried I wouldn’t get enough. That the glass wasn’t big enough.

Cry me a river? Drink me a waterfall…


Today I’m not drinking, because I can’t find a big enough glass.

How come you’re not drinking?