Alcoholism and Isolation


I was back on the Podcast at Since Right Now yesterday. We talked about Alcoholism and Isolation and a few other things ex-boozers like to talk about. Have you ever been on the radio and heard your voice for the first time the way others hear It? I have this sort of Lady Bountiful, slightly nasal, lyrical delivery that is either fabulous or highly annoying – I can’t decide which…

The bottom line is that Episode 22 of Since Right Now is great. Given we are four people with a collective 31 years of sobriety under our belts, it is pretty damn funny. I have always thought the subject of sobriety was taken a little too seriously, as if it belonged in an English gentleman’s club where one must whisper at breakfast and talk about one’s self-restraint in leather arm chairs over strong cups of Oolong Darjeeling. These guys are a welcome respite.*

This is what we concluded about addiction and isolation:

  • In the final stages of the disease, addicts always isolate;
  • Addicts like to be alone to avoid conflict;
  • Isolation means never having to account for your worst actions;
  • Isolation is ugly – a dark room, an old box in a garage, missed appointments, disappointed loved ones;
  • Isolation is a dangerous red flag to recovery;
  • For natural loners, recovery brings added challenges;
  • AA, social media and other support groups provide fellowship and accountability to those who might otherwise isolate.

There is one other thing to note because it was quite moving. I was talking about being at a party where everyone got drunk and Chris (who started Since Right Now) said, “That’s when I feel the loneliest. Right then – in a big crowd, when everyone is drunk and they are all in a place I can’t go…”

So you see my friends, for the recovering addict, isolation is not just a dark room or an unanswered doorbell.  It can be a state-of-mind in a room full of giddy, partying people…





Today I’m not drinking, because I am practicing my “radio voice”…

How come you’re not drinking?



*The Since Right Now website was started by Chris (sixteen and a half years sober) with his long time friend Jeff. Jeff has fourteen years of sobriety under his belt. Contributor Matt, is a hard-bottom veteran of relapse who in now eight months in recovery. My roll on the Since Right Now podcast is developing – more on that later!