Getting Around…

Guana Reserve here I come!

Kim says I’m really getting around these days. I guess that’s true, although I don’t feel much like the hobnobber I used to be. I am sitting here with my bags packed – heading to Jacksonville for Mother’s Day, so that’s something. I am certainly happy to be seeing the kids and I’m taking a tour of Lakeview Health’s new women’s center and I hope to get some sun on my pasty legs. But I think I haven’t been in Grand Rapids long enough to make it home and Jacksonville isn’t really home anymore, so I feel a bit like a woman without a country…

Do I sound blue? I’m not: it’s probably just lack of sleep. I did one of those fitful, fall asleep early because you have to get up at 4 deals and ended up waking, wide-eyed – no chance of going back to sleep – at 2:30. I jumped up thinking, “Unpack the jean jacket! There is no need for a jacket! Get on the ladder and drag down the basket with the bathing suits! You need bathing suits! For God’s sake paint your toenails!”

Maybe I am excited.

And there is no chance I will want a Bloody Mary at the airport in Charlotte. Or feel the need for wine shooters in my bag. Or experience the horrible, wet wool feeling of no-sleep, coupled with vinegar-mouth from drinking while I packed and drinking in bed to “make myself sleep”.

And I’m starting to rev up.

I may be a woman without a country at the moment, but it sure feels good to feel good…It’s enough. Bon voyage Mare! Bon sober voyage!!!

Today I’m not drinking because I’m getting around…

How come you’re not drinking?