My D2 Receptor is Acting Up Again (I hate when that happens)…


I’m pretty excited. I was doing some research on addiction and the brain this morning; there is a strong correlation between a mutated dopamine D2 receptor and addiction and I wanted more information. On some level I like to know that my more malignant attributes (alcoholism, binge eating, hyperactivity) are the result of a variation in my pleasure controlling mechanism and it is NOT MY FAULT.


I was scrolling through scholarly articles such as these where pedants refer to people as “homo sapiens” and use words like “transduction” with impunity:

The Physiology, Signaling, and Pharmacology of Dopamine …

Nestled amongst these tomes, was a Waking Up the Ghost post I did a few months ago on the D2 receptor – proof positive one should not necessarily believe everything one reads on the internet. But when I went back and reread it, I realized it was GOOD. A really good, layman’s description of the misfiring thingy in the addict’s brain (please excuse the technical jargon…). Plus the picture of the multi-colored, spewing brain is cool as shit.

Today I’m not drinking, because my dopamine receptor is out of whack.

How come you’re not drinking?