Cold Weather and Boozing…



Only for YOU would I get out of the car, take off my gloves and get this shot of ICE ON THE (fast moving) CREEK. Yikes.


It’s 7 degrees in Georgia and I don’t drink. It got me thinking about whether climate is a trigger for alcohol consumption. There’s not a lot to do when the temperature drops and the creek freezes (my new colloquial reference to all things as I drive through two streams to get to the house…).


When I was married, my husband and I went to St Petersburg during White Nights. Our canal gondola driver was drunk. He was sipping something pungent out of a wrinkled paper bag and he told us that White Nights was a happy time for Russians.  I asked him, “So what happens during the winter – during the Black Nights – I assume there is a time when it never gets light…?”


gruHe said (in that accent like Gru from Despicable Me), “That is when Russians make babies and kill themselves dead…”



And drink.


The top five drinking countries in the world are: Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia and Romania. Does that surprise you at all? The average Belarusian man drinks 35 fifths of Vodka per year.


Stay warm my darlings and drink tea. Lots of tea and hot chocolate!


Today I’m not drinking, because it’s TOO COLD!

How come you’re not drinking?