Choosing Your Friends Wisely in Recovery


Where’s Waldo? Yoga class at the Lakeview Health Professional’s Weekend last year…


I am often surprised and moved by a single, simple sentence. I was talking to Kristin yesterday and she was telling me about her positive experiences with yoga. I know yoga is good for many things, including centering the breathing and the mind of the recovering addict. But the simple sentence I keep thinking about, is when Kristin said,”When you go out with healthy people – like the people I meet in Yoga classes, you don’t have to explain why you’re not ordering a martini at lunch…”


Yes. They order water because they want water… I spend a lot of time telling recovering alcoholics how to negotiate office parties or booze fueled hootenannies. I forget to tell people to reach out to a group of friends who are not inclined to play beer-pong on the dining room table on a Saturday night.


I do not think you should try to make a world for yourself where noone drinks –  with a slogan like “Temperance in a Tipsy World” I obviously feel that is an unreasonable expectation. But the more you find yourself in the company of those who “DO” instead of “DRINK” the easier your sober lifestyle will become…



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Today I’m not drinking because I am going to a yoga class (well not really – not yet anyway, but my best friend is a teetotaler…)


How come you’re not drinking?