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When Old Friends Make Amends

So I ended up talking to the old friend I was scared to talk to. He said he had been trying to find me and Goggled “Marilyn Spiller”. Then he read and watched and looked at the photos (with what he described as equal parts “horror” and “fascination”) depicting what I have been doing since last we […]

Sober City Parks

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years

Park distractions… does the woman on the right look serious enough to be a Marine? She is out of formation and appears to be giggling… I finally hooked up with a women’s walking group this weekend in Riverside Park (“thanks” Jan, for setting it up). Riverside Park has a wide sidewalk and it runs along a […]

In Bed with Cowboys: The 10 Ways Television Uses Booze as a Prop

  I can’t decide whether I’m sick or depressed. I spent all day in bed Wednesday, watching a show called “Longmire” on Netflix. Yes, I binge watch TV. Longmire is this grizzled cowboy sheriff, with what appears to be an unrequited yen for his female deputy and a thirst for Rainier Beer. All the important […]

Alcohol and Sex

“Eve” by Altay Sadigzade   Made you look. How do I put this delicately? When I was a drinker, I occasionally ended up in what might be called a compromising position. The best way to describe it is a fugue state: I didn’t black out exactly, but I’d find myself half dressed, or in an unfamiliar location, or with an unlikely man wondering how […]