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Running Like a  White Tailed Deer…

Running Like a White Tailed Deer…

I cannot get this picture out of my head. I was driving to Flint a few weeks ago and along the way there are several farm fields – fallow this time of year. Broken corn stalks, flat and uninteresting as frozen dirt. I’m rocketing along at 80 MPH listening to Reply All. And out of […]

Eat, Drink, Binge, Guzzle..

Eat, Drink, Binge, Guzzle..

I think it makes sense that 50% of people who have eating disorders also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. I used to fall asleep with the remains of my wine glass on my night stand. Now, it’s often a cute little bin of ICE CUBES gum, or the remains of my soupçon of TV […]