Goal-setting during Coronavirus Pandemic

Goal-setting during coronavirus pandemic

We are, after all, living in the face of furloughs and industries crashing and navigating an unknown social climate. I’m still worried I’m somehow not being as productive a member of society as someone else seems to be.

I’m inspired and awed by those who are taking life by the horns – and using those antlers to make something beautiful and new while searching to find the joy. I know the joy is out there.

My Breaking Bad Analogy

I guess it’s how I feel when I find out someone hasn’t seen Breaking Bad.

Because you need it in your life.

While I’ve got you, I want to take the chance to ask you:

What needs to happen for you to learn about Los Pollos Hermanos? How can I help?

I know how it feels to find so much freaking joy in something. You then want everyone to get on board with it because you want them to feel that way, too.

I kind of wish I was looking at this situation as an opportunity to live my very best life despite the current climate. And then using my goal-setting skills to slay the shit out of the obstacles that coronavirus has put in our paths.

But, y’all, I’m afraid to go to Target. Plus, I recently discovered I’m a terrible kindergarten teacher – and that stings a little.

I’m sad and fearful and anxious and so, so distracted.

So when I shared with a friend how disappointed I am for not using this time I have to a) learn how to make chipotle sauce from scratch, while also b) pursuing my Dr. Doolittle Degree to finally (finally!) be able to talk to the animals she said:

“it’s O.K. to feel sideways despite what others are doing. Cheerleading for a better you can get old.”

So this is for you if you are getting up and making it through today and not getting out of your pajamas. I’m clapping for you if you still haven’t gotten around to reading that big book of poetry you always thought you’d do if time was on your side. If you have no interest in organizing your spice rack, I’m on your side.

I want you to know I’m cheering for you too.

But seriously, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, I wish you would so we could talk about it!