Unite to Face Addiction

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years



September was Recovery Month and per usual, I am a day late (30 days late) and a dollar short to comment. I guess, like Jon Jon’s first grade teacher used to say on Father’s Day (“Every day is Father’s Day”), I’m of the mind that every day is Recovery Day and every month Recovery Month.


I wanted to make you aware of the march on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Sunday (before this red letter event comes and goes…). If you don’t already know about it, UNITE To Face Addiction is being organized by “an independent coalition of national, state, and local non-profit organizations to produce a collaborative and unifying event to collectively raise awareness and reduce the human and social costs of addiction”


The Unite to Face Addiction folks say it best:


It’s Time.

On October 4, 2015 in Washington, DC more than 600 organizations from around the world will gather in a show of solidarity and collective force. Together we can help the 22 million Americans with addiction, stand up for the 23 million more in recovery, and urgently act to save the 350 lives lost each day. The free event will feature live musical performances from Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow, The Fray, Jason Isbell, Aloe Blacc, John Rzeznik and more!


I wish I could be there (even though I do not like crowds – this crowd I LOVE!).


For more information go to the UNITE TO FACE ADDICTION website: donate, join the movement, go to Washington.


Today I’m not drinking because I am uniting to face addiction…


How come you’re not drinking?