Ten Steps Forward, Six Steps Back



In the recovery game, everyone tells you to take it one day at a time, so that is what I try to do (because I always do what I am told). But do you ever get the feeling you are raging against the machine and the machine is raging back? My friend at work, who is the “computer guy,” always comes over to my desk to help me with one weird technical problem or another, shaking his head. He says, “You and computers…”


Anyway, something is askew with my WordPress software – it is posting errors with numbers and explanations I do not understand to Facebook and making me feel like screaming (but I won’t). It is being worked on and I am trying to work on my patience. Machines break and shit happens.


See you after another smart computer dude fixes this mess and I can resume my regaling and tale telling… After all, there are worse things than a blog not posting.


Today I’m not drinking because I don’t do that anymore, even when I feel like screaming…


How come you’re not drinking?