Sober Coach


Watch his left hook, kid – there’s a shot of bourbon in his hand – and his upper cut has a glass of white wine in it…

What do you think of when you hear the term “Sober Coach”?


I think of Robert Downey Jr.’s muscle bound babysitter, whipping up emerald green drinks in a juicer and living-in.  Or the Asian sober coach who trails behind Sherlock’s brilliant deductions, reminding him its time for his NA meeting, on the television show of the same name.  There is a notion in my mind, that all sober coaches deal with the Lindsey Lohan type of addict: spoiled, rich, under-motivated and without the wherewithal to keep their hands out of the liquor cabinet on their own.


It occurred to me yesterday, that I’m a sober coach.  As a natural offshoot of this blog, I communicate with a number of people who are suffering the ill-effects of alcoholism and are trying to quit drinking.  They may or may not be spoiled and rich, but they are all motivated to better their lives and get out from under the thumb of booze.


My new mental image of “Sober Coach” is going to be: ME writing back and forth to the amazing folks who read this blog.


This morning I signed up for a course to get my Recovery Coach Certification.  I am as excited as I’ve ever been.  Well actually I was more excited when I got those Miu Miu toeless pumps with the sequined soles for 75% off, but I am excited.  The course will give me 90 hours of the latest in research-based Recovery Coaching Techniques, and I’ll learn about: Neuroscience Recovery, Motivational Enhancement, and Solution Focused Tools, without having to catch as catch can on the internet.


I love helping people.  And I’ve already been to the School of Hard Knocks, so why not add a credential to my resume?  Who knows?  Maybe when I get back to Jacksonville I’ll hang out a shingle…


Today I’m not drinking because I’m going back to school.

How come you’re not drinking?