r/Stop Drinking – A Support Group in Your Pocket



I got an interesting email from a reader yesterday – Elizabeth runs the stellar website Recovery.org and wanted to let me know about a study they had done on the success rate of reddit Inc.’s Stop Drinking support group. Reddit is an online bulletin board where community members post comments on all manner of topics. The Stop Drinking subgroup, boasts 28,000 members.


Because I am nothing if not game (that’s what got me in this boozy mess in the first place), I joined reddit Inc. early this morning. It has a raw, edgy, unstructured format and it looks to me like the kind of forum online trolls might use to crucify neophytes like me,  but I bravely posted my first comment on the topic of “The Need for Honesty in Alcohol Recovery.” I said:


After two years of sobriety, I still lie. It is a hard habit to break, but I work on it every day. marilyn32082


We shall see what the reddit “support group in my pocket” has to say about that…


Quitting drinking is a great first step to recovery. But as Elizabeth says, “Quitting alcohol is a major lifestyle change, and being very motivated to do so requires a lot of effort. But many are not able to be successful in the maintenance phase –  so a community is a very good resource of motivation.”


Here, here. I’ll let you know how it goes . I can use all the help I am offered, and if I can fit recovery in my pants I’m all for it – I have my hands full these days…



Today I’m not drinking because I have a support group in my pocket…


How come you’re not drinking?