Proof of Life


I spent the weekend away. I learned some things I will be writing about this week (feeling a little sleepy and behind the 8-ball this morning…), and I want to give you a teaser.

The things I learned this weekend:

  • How to play pool sober
  • When you read a sign that says, “SEASONAL ROAD NO PASSAGE” you should, nay must, take it very seriously
  • The friends I have not really connected with since college turned into incredible adults (it could have gone the other way)
  • I still love to hang out in honkytonks but should not be trusted at the jukebox (Who Let the Dogs Out? Really?)
  • I have an insanely selective memory: I can tell you the details of an outfit a greaser girl in our junior high wore (ripped fishnets, hickies and a white blouse with a black bra), but I do not remember a single teacher other than Mr. Lee or most of the names of “good friends ” or their boyfriends bandied about (in fact at some point Ross and Annie stopped asking…)
  • You can judge a person by their lake cabin
  • There is a place in this world that looks like a frozen Guana Reserve, as if Elsa has run amuck again and changed my favorite landscape to ice.
  • You can go home again…

More later on all these subjects. It’s Monday and back to work!

Today I’m not drinking because I like being sober, huh…

How come you’re not drinking?